Tough Track Program

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Reflecting on going into my 40th year of coaching, I look back on coaching a wide array of athletes. Athletes come to our club for many reasons – to get fit, to learn proper running technique, to increase their power and speed, and also to build endurance. Sometimes they develop these skills so they can be stronger athletes in their other sports. Other times, they just want to focus on being the best runner, jumper, thrower they can be.

Running is the cornerstone of all other sports. For example, the first quick steps required to be proficient in volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, ringette and ultimate – to name a few – can be in direct correlation with track and field and the skills learned while training with the club.

Student athletes combine academics and athletics to work in unison. We have many athletes who have track and field as their number 1 sport. Of these athletes, many have gone on to compete for the University of Manitoba Bisons. Many are scholarship athletes or have completed their degrees and have competed throughout their education.

Some athletes have chosen to attend other universities in Canada to pursue their academic and athletic careers – they are listed below as well.

We have had 10 athletes from Tough Track pursue their academic and athletic careers through NCAA Division 1 Scholarships in the USA collegiate system.

Regardless of which path an athlete chooses, or for whatever their main goal of training is, Tough Track is based on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), a program I’ve customized over my many years of coaching. We provide athletes with the tools to grow and develop their skills and aid in their overall development and wellness as an athlete and individual.

Andy Tough
Head Coach Tough Track

Bison Athletes Past and Present Tough Track Athletes
Josh Ahlbaum – Ateah
Tristan Allen
Quinn Anderson
Paul Bahiga
Kylie Bard
Simon Berube
Abby Bestland
Connor Boyd
Carson Cortvriendt
Alex Davis
Luc Deleau
Alec Dickson
Shane Dillon
Matthew Exner
Braedy Farmer
Megan Filyk
Scott Friesen
Courtney Friesen
Blair Gardiner
Janelle Gaudet
Jenna Gaudet
Shayna Gisebrecht
Amy Graceffo
Colin Harbeck
Alon Kacharovsky
Sebastien Klassen
Deric Kornelson
Justin Kroeker
Jean Luc Perron
Andrea Mandzuk
Mikala Mann
Gavin Maxwell
Yvette Morgan
Miguel Morrison
Danika Passler-Bates
Owen Ready
Tarina Ready
Sebastien Regnier
Braeden Savard
Amber Schneider
Anthony Sesay
Stuart Simmonds
Eric Skakum
Tallon Sparks
Tavis Swanson
Eric Thacher
Tara Towns
Erin Tramley
Beston Uche
Matthew Van Schepdael
Mikaela Vann Schepdael
Erin White
Janine Zajac
Ilona Zrinyi
Julia Zrinyi

Other Canadian Universities
Shiloh Johnson – Dalhousie University
Matt Indome – Western University
Brayden Mytophe r- University of Regina
Bronwyn Neufeld – UBC
Brandon Stevens – University of Calgary
Alison Wong – Queens University
Courtney Zajac – MacEwan University

NCAA Division 1 Scholarship Athletes
Amy Andrushko – NDSU
Melanie Baran – Fresno State
Shane Dillon – University of Kentucky, Florida State University
Chloe McEachern – University of Western Michigan, Tulsa University
Danielle O’Donnell – University of Louisiana Monroe
Kyla Siemens – Jacksonville University
Victoria Tachinski – Penn State University
Tracy Towns – University of Illinois
Janine Zajac – Jacksonville University
Julia Zrinyi – University of Connecticut(UCONN), University of Oregon