Event Page

All Entries for the club athletes are registered through Coach Tough at toughtrack11@shaw.ca.  Most individual events are anywhere from $10-$15.


May 4:  Tough Track Mile

October 27:  Manitoba Age Class Championships

November 2 (Saturday):  First University Group Practice

December 5 (Thursday):  Club Volunteer Orientation Night

December 7 (Saturday):  George Tanner Memorial Classic

December 13/14 (Friday, Saturday):  Athletics Manitoba Last Chance


January 8 (Wednesday):  Bison Grand Prix #1

January 17/18 (Friday/Saturday):  WOA Winter Open

January 31/February 1 (Friday/Saturday):  Jim Daly Bison Classic U16 & Older Meet ( no U12 or U14 Categories)

February 12 (Wednesday):  Bison Grand Prix #2

February 28/29 (Friday/Saturday):  Boeing Indoor Classic

May 2 (Saturday):  2nd Annual Moxies Tough Track Mile

High School Series (High School Athletes Only)

January 9 (Thursday):  High School Series Meet #1

January 20 (Monday): High School Series Meet #2

February 5 (Wednesday): High School Series Meet #3

February 14 (Friday): High School Series Meet #4

March 10 (Tuesday):  High School Championship Series Meet

***If your High School Does Not enter in the High School Series, Coach Tough can get you into the Series.  Need a few weeks before series starts to get you into competition.

Age Group Categories

Until December 31, 2019

U12 Born 2008/2009/2010

U14 Born 2006/2007

U16 Born 2004/2005

U18 Born 2002/2003

U20 Born 2000/2001

Senior Born 1999 and older

As of January 1, 2020

U12 Born 2009/2010/2011

U14 Born 2007/2008

U16 Born 2005/2006

U18 Born 2003/2004

U20 Born 2001/2002

Senior Born 2000 and older