Tough Track Mile Race Day Information

Looking forward to seeing you on Race Day

Start Lines for the 600, 1000 and Mile are Clearly Marked.


From Start to Finish west curb south bound lane on Columbia is closed to traffic from McGillivray to Columbia.

Traffic will use the median lane only from McGillivray to Columbia south bound during the event starting at 6:15 am.

Volunteers will be situated to direct traffic at intersections.

1000m and Mile

For the Mile Every 100m is Marked on the Road Clearly in Orange Paint

Once again regarding the 600, 1000m and the Mile, the westbound curb lane will be coned off for the Race ( traffic will still be present on the median lane Westbound)

Runners Must Keep to the West Bound Curb Lane.

Final Schedule and Check in Procedure:

All Athletes are to Check in at the Check in Table (just past the Finish Line on Columbia at McGillivray South Side)

Check in Table will Open at 7:15 am, All athletes in all events must check in at least 20 Minutes prior to their race start.

All 600m Athletes need to be checked in by 7:45 am.

600m athletes will be walked to the Start Line by the marshall (Andy Tough)

***Kindergarten and Younger Athletes will have Older Experienced Athletes on Course with them during the Race.***

1000m Runners

1000m Runners may check in anytime between 7:15 am and 8:15 am at the Check In Table (Just past The Finish Line on Columbia at McGillivray South Side)

1000m Runners will meet at the 1000m Start Line at Eglinton Crescent on Scurfield at 8:35 am Westbound curbside lane.

Mile Runners

Mile Runners may Check in Anytime between 7:15 am and 8:45 am at the Check In Table (Just Past The Finish Line on Columbia at McGillivray South Side)

Mile Runners Must Report to the Start Line by 9:05 am on Fleetwood at Scurfield Westbound Curbside Lane.

Schedule Of Events:

8:00 am  600m  

Heat 1  2013 + Younger Girls/ 2013 + Younger Boys       2011 + 2012 Girls

                             Heat 2 2008/2009/2010 Girls

                              Heat 3 2008/2009/2010 Boys

   Heat 4   2008/2009/2010  Boys

8:50 am  1000m Heat 1  2005/2006/2007 Girls

                              Heat 2 2005/2006/2007 Boys

9:15        Mile Heat 1   High School/Open Elite/Masters  Women

                               Heat 2 High School/Open Elite/Masters  Men

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